Measurement and Automation
Technischer Stand / Last update: 2020-05


About us

Some of our valued Customers:


Steyr Motors Diagnosis SW for engine control units


Water Management SW, multiple measurement applications for automotive testing
MIBA Gleitlager Bearing shell measurement SW
Elektrotrechnik Wild Cable testing HW & SW
MedAustron LabVIEW code validation for Medical Synchrotron
Technische Universitšt Wien Multiple measurement applications
CSIRO Test system for CO2 extractor HW & SW
Monash University Design consulting
H2H Energy Cooperation on multiple projects related to hydrogen technology and hydrogen filling stations
University of Hawaii Fuel cell test stations HW & SW, multiple measurement applications,  hydrogen filling stations, custom-made PCBs 
Atomic Precision LabVIEW control SW for CVD-process
GEMINI Telescope LabVIEW SW for laser controller and mirror coating, custom-made PCBs
Makai Ocean Engineering LabVIEW control SW
Naval Research Lab  Impedance Spectrometry for batteries HW & SW
National Renewable Energy Lab LabVIEW SW for multiple measurement applications
Nuvera Fuel Cells Impedance Spectrometry for fuel cells HW & SW
Aquahydrex Electrolyser test station HW & SW
Princeton University Custom-made PCBs
Enersol Specialty measurements for renewable energy
Select Engineering Services Power monitoring for micro grids, HW & SW